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Perjeta(chemical name: pertuzumab) used in combination with Herceptin (chemical name: trastuzumab), another targeted therapy medicine, and Taxotere (chemical name: docetaxel), a type of chemotherapy, to treat HER2-positive, metastatic breast cancer that hasn’t been treated with either Herceptin or chemotherapy yet. Perjeta was called Omnitarg in earlier studies.


  • to be used in combination with Herceptin and Taxotere before surgery to treat HER2-positive, early-stage (the cancer must be larger than 2 cm or cancer must be in the lymph nodes), inflammatory, or locally advanced-stage breast cancer with a high risk of metastasizing or becoming fatal
  • 与赫赛汀联合化疗使用手术后治疗HER2阳性早期乳腺癌复发的危险性高



Cancer cells grow in an uncontrolled fashion. Perjeta works on the surface of the cancer cell by blocking the chemical signals that can stimulate this uncontrolled growth.

基因是一样的指导手册,告诉我们的身体如何成长,要成为什么样的细胞,以及如何表现的每个细胞。如细胞生长,休息,或修理 - 基因通过订购细胞产生导致一定的活动特殊的蛋白质做到这一点。


一些乳腺癌细胞使(过度表达)称为特定基因的太多副本HER2。该HER2基因使得被称为HER2受体的蛋白质。HER2受体是像耳,或天线,所有细胞的表面上。这些HER2受体接收刺激细胞生长和繁殖的信号。但乳腺癌细胞有太多的HER2受体可以拿起太多的生长信号等开始生长和乘法太多,太快。乳腺癌细胞中过量表达HER2gene are said to be HER2-positive.


In addition to blocking HER2 receptors, Perjeta can also help fight breast cancer by alerting the immune system to destroy cancer cells onto which it is attached.

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Is Perjeta right for you?

该re are several tests used to find out if breast cancer is HER2-positive. Two of the most common tests are:


所述IHC测试使用化学染料染色的HER2蛋白。所述IHC给出了一个得分为0至3+的措施HER2蛋白质的量的细胞的表面上的乳腺癌组织样品英寸如果比分是0到1 +,它被认为是HER2阴性。如果得分为2+,它被认为是边缘。3+得分被认为是HER2阳性。

If the IHC test results are borderline, it’s likely that a FISH test will be done on a sample of the cancer tissue to determine if the cancer is HER2-positive.

FISH (Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization)

该FISH test uses special labels that are attached to the HER2 proteins. The special labels have chemicals added to them so they change color and glow in the dark when they attach to the HER2 proteins. This test is the most accurate, but it is more expensive and takes longer to return results. This is why an IHC test is usually the first test done to see if a cancer is HER2-positive. With the FISH test, you get a score of either positive or negative (some hospitals call a negative test result “zero”).


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该first dose of Perjeta is the largest and takes about an hour to complete. After that, it takes 30 to 60 minutes to get Perjeta, which is usually given every 3 weeks in a doctor’s office. Most people get Perjeta every 3 weeks for 18 to 25 months.


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Paying for Perjeta

如果你的医生规定Perjeta和你有什么problems getting it covered by insurance or don’t have insurance, you can get in touch withAccess Solutions, sponsored by Genentech (the maker of Perjeta). Access Solutions can help investigate your insurance coverage benefits, appeal denied claims, and provide other assistance. You also can call Access Solutions at 1-866-422-2377.

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Perjetaside effects


由于Perjeta可能与赫赛汀给予,知道与心脏功能或开发心脏衰竭有时可能的问题是非常重要的赫赛汀的副作用。While research has found that adding Perjeta to Herceptin doesn’t increase the risk of heart problems, your doctor will likely want to test your heart function before and during treatment with Perjeta, Herceptin, and chemotherapy.

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