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Understanding that a breast cancer diagnosis and treatment can be overwhelming, we have expanded our content suggestions (“You might be interested in”) to better help you find information that may be helpful for you.


How are recommendations made?

We provide individualized, relevant, and real-time recommendations on by suggesting our own original, medically vetted content and/or community forums that may be of interest to you. These recommendations are based on the browsing history of all site visitors, your clicking behaviors on our site, and the medical profile data you have shared with us in your profile.Create your profilefor personalized recommendations.

What information of mine is used and how?

We use an algorithm that looks at the pages you have visited and your public profile information to recommend new articles, podcast episodes, and videos to you. As you start to browse different topics, your recommendations will slowly adjust to match your new areas of interest.

In this Beta period, the algorithm is limited to user behavior and five factors of diagnostic data. Over time, we will be expanding the factors that are considered to recommend content for you, in recognition that many more factors should guide a personalized experience for breast cancer patients.

How can I improve my recommendations?

机器学习算法学习和收集关于一个人,其他人谁喜欢他们的更多信息随着时间不断改进。在使用Breastcanc金宝搏专属安卓APPer.org网站读/手表/听是您感兴趣的内容,该算法将提高。您也可以通过注册并填写您的诊断改善推荐your profile. If you don't have a profile, you cancreate one.

Can I block topics I do not want to see?

You can manage topics by using the blocking/unblocking feature. Learn how toblock a topic.

Is my information safe?

Your personal information is secure. All data that goes into the recommendation tool is anonymized and secured. This information is only used by to improve recommendations to deliver more relevant content to you while you are on the website.

关于你的更多信息privacy rights, read ourprivacy policy.

How can I remove recommendations?

To remove recommendations from appearing on the site for you, on the My Articles tab in My Profile, you will see an option to turn off recommended content. This will disable recommendations throughout (you can turn it back on at any time).


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